Friday, January 23, 2009

Jan 23 - Strip Mine Trail

Today we took Pressie for a hiking adventure (the kids were home napping). We pulled out the handy-dandy "Sandia Mountain Hike Guide" and picked a moderate hike not far from the house. This one is located in Placitas, about 5 miles from the house. This trail is only 1.8 miles in length (one way) but is pretty rough as it follows an old Jeep trail that passes by an old strip mine (we couldn't really tell with this was). This trail is shared by hikers, mountain bikers and horseback riders, but today there were few people on it.

The guide book suggests that you go in early morning or winter months as there isn't much cover along the trail & I would agree with that whole-heartedly. There are spectacular views of the Sandia Mountain, and northwest toward the Jemez and west across the open desert. With a good scope you might have been able to pick out our house, we had a great view of the water tower that is nearby.

Pressie did amazing. She quietly stepped off the trail when we met people, never cowering like she usually does. She was even curious about the biker that rode by. Still skittish but much better! And she loved bouncing down forest service road 445 - quickly climbing into my lap so she could see better!!
Raymona & Pressie on the trail
Looking toward Bernalillo
View down the trail

Pressie taking a breather
At the trail head parking lot

View of the Sandias
FS Road 445
Look closely and you can see Pressie
with her head out the window
Pressie taking in the sites

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Towanda said...

Raymona! Beautiful pictures! I think this trail would be way too much for me so I will just have to enjoy it through your pictures.

Pressie looks like she is having fun!